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Here's just a small example of positive comments from a cross section of our work. Inspiring students and staff is our passion and for more info on how we can do this for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"The after school glee club was absolutely brilliant - we can really hear the difference in the strength, pitch and confidence in their voices. This has had a positive impact on other children who did not attend the club as they feel confident to open up and sing! It has really improved their singing and performance skills and we would not hesitate to repeat the club at some point. It was well organised, reliable and the children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed themselves."
Headteacher Fishwick Primary School

"Awesome". "Best music lesson ever". "Wish we could have singing everyday" where just a few remarks I heard from the kids!"
Headteacher, Our Lady of Hartley, Kent

"Thank you for the 2 days in school they were wonderful. The children really enjoyed singing and the teachers thought the sessions were very motivating. Well done!"
Headteacher, Siddlesham Primary School

"Our choir tutor has taught me how to use music as therapy as well as fun, she has made me laugh when I have wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. Her voice is amazing and she is so encouraging with us. We started off so timidly and hardly made a sound but we are now singing with much more energy and enjoyment. 2013 will certainly be remembered as the year of ‘Unity' in the Soda group. Thank you so much"
SODA Community Choir, Mansfield

"Thank you for a wonderful afternoon - definitely been a hit with children and staff alike! Loads of positive feedback"
Headteacher, All Saints CofE Primary School

"Year 5 at Sunnyside sang beautifully in their production today, Thanks for teaching them so well"
Class teacher, Sunnyside Primary Academy

"Attending the singing group sets me up for the week, blows the cobwebs of the week away and usually for the rest of the week there is a tune that I sing or hum along to, which I love."
The HIVE Community Choir

"Thank you for supplying a tutor this term, we have been impressed and the children are really enjoying the activities"
Walwayne Court Primary School


Singing and spoken word activities that get people seen, heard and hungry for more

Find Your Voice short courses are a fast, exciting and efficient way to give people a...

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Singing and spoken word activities that get people seen, heard and ready to roll.

Find Your Voice short courses are personalised to give participants regaular sessions that increase...

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Singing and spoken word activities that get people seen, heard and acheiving more.

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