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Our programmes create transformation, taking groups of learners and carers from passivity to actively engaging in their community.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of isolated families and adults living with disability, facing life changing diagnosis or living within areas of severe economic deprivation, our programmes create opportunities for those previously disadvantaged vulnerable and marginalised members of society.

Encompassing music and movement, our programmes improve physical and mental wellbeing while fitness and empowerment are embedded in the thinking of participants. Our core team works with local community carers to deliver our programmes in person. Learners are taught to build resilience while experiencing creative, cultural learning without any pressure or strain. This leaves our learners with an important sense of accomplishment from learning a new skill.

Sessions are made available to community groups according to their needs. Likewise, our programmes are designed to be adaptable to the needs of each community. We set targets for each programme to ensure retention, attendance and achievement are reached by each engaging co-hort. We are safeguarding specialists and have extensive experience working with local authorities and social care centres to support local needs. All staff are trained in risk assessment, delivery, quality assurance and have third party safeguarding and prevent certification.

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Our innovative teaching methods are geared to help communities thrive beyond isolation, reigniting their health and wellbeing.
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